Great holidays not only consist of beautiful beaches, palm trees, sun and going for swims in the sea; it’s also about wonderful food. And we love food at Salida’s del Sol restaurant. And even more we love those who love our food.

As a small institution we don’t need to think how to feed crowds like in some food factory. This way we can cook with love and take in mind your desires too.

You do not have to be afraid of having a bowl of salad at Salida del Sol, as we wash our products with mineral water. Since the sea is just a few steps away from our restaurant, it would be a sin not to serve fresh fish and seafood. We buy it from local fisherman in a fish market in Chaudi, just 1 km away from Patnem. We also understand that there are many guests who are looking for healthy, vegan or vegetarian options, so we made sure to include some tasty vegan and vegetarian dishes in our menu.

Salida’s del Sol restaurant is located right on the beach, this is exactly what you need to watch dolphins jumping in the sea in the morning, hide under shade during the day and watch the sun go down in the evening.

Apart from the regular table-chair setup Salida del Sol restaurant has ample lounge-like seating with huge cushions where one can literally spend the entire day or evening reading, chatting, sipping drinks and of course enjoying the breeze from the sea in front of you.

The music we play is always calm and melodic. And our cheerful staff is always there to attend you with great hospitality.

To book a table or to organise a wedding or any other occasion reception call us at 917798103982.

Salida’s del Sol restaurant is open daily from 8 AM to 11 PM. Free Wi-Fi is available.

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